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July 6, 2008 // Posted in food  

Dopo gli ottimi esperimenti di cibo giapponese di cui anche Emiko sarebbe entusiasta, questo week-end Silvia si e’ esibita in un pranzettino messicaneggiante. Cosi’, usando le piadine a mo’ di tortilla e preprando dell’ottimo pollo con peperoni, a casa sacchibelli si respirava un po’ di atmosfera messicana. Non poteva mancare ovviamente la guacamole (ancora perfettibile) e pure i nachos con formaggio e peperoni.
Tutto molto gustoso…

After japanese food experiments, this week Silvia tried something different, but always exotic. The main dish was chicken with peppers (not jalapeno, unfortunately), and we used piadina as tortilla. Obviously there was also guacamole (not bad, but some improvement is expected) and the famous nachos with cheese and peppers. Good job Silvia, the lunch was pretty exciting.

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