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Il mitico logo di Android

Quest’anno a casa sacchibelli e’ stato un Natale all’insegna della tecnologia, dei libri e delle biciclette. E poi tante buone cose da mangiare e tutto il necessario per la piscina, ma la parte del leone l’ha fatta lo stupendo smartphone, con Android, che Silvia mi ha regalato e da cui sto aggionando il blog. Trattasi di un LG Optimus one P500, e’ stupendo e ne sono gia’ addicted. Grazie!

Il blog visto dal nuovo Smartphone di casa sacchibelli

This year here at sacchibelli’s we received a lot of nice gifts. Many of them were technologically based (geek oriented, to be honest, and thus very appreciated), but we also received nice things related to our bicycles, many books, good food and everything for the swimming pool activity we are planning to start quite soon. But the most appreciated one was the beautiful smartphone (Android based) Silvia bought for me. It is an amazing LG Optimus one P500, and I’m really excited (and addicted). Thanks a lot!!!

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