Live skyping at Starbucks

October 5, 2008 // Posted in Travels  

Dopo aver aggiornato il blog sfruttando la connessione wireless free offerta dallo Starbucks di fronte all’hotel, ieri sono anche riuscito a skypare con Silvia. Certo, la comunicazione non e’ stata molto intima, anche perche’ c’erano un po’ di bimbi che saltellavano intorno al tavolino piuttosto incuriositi di vedere Silvia sullo schermo, e soprattutto Pongo, uno dei peluches di casa Sacchibelli.

After live blogging, Starbucks offered me the opportunity to live-skyping with Silvia. It has been pretty funny to talk with her and to see her on the screen, while I was drinking my “Americano cafe'”, with many kids jumping around, pretty curious to see Silvia, and moreover Pongo, one on the Sacchibelli’s peluches, on the laptop screen.
Thanks again Starbucks.
If someone is planning to stay at the “Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel” at Singapore, let me suggest you to avoid to pay 18.95 SD per hour for the wifi connection. It is enough to go downstair and to stay at Starbucks. And people working there is quite kind.

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