Silvia e il dinosauro

September 18, 2011 // Posted in Pavia  

Silvia e il dinosauro

Quest’anno, a Pavia, il Festival dei Saperi e’ un po’ in tono minore, probabilmente per questioni economiche. Tuttavia qualche manifestazione e’ stata organizzata e la piu’ “simpatica” e’ la presenza, all’interno dei cortili dell’Universita’, di una ricostruzione di “diplodocus longus” (presumiamo in scala reale), piuttosto suggestiva. Eccolo nella foto con Silvia (il Diplodocus e’ quello dietro….)

This year the Festival dei Saperi is not so exciting as it was in the past, here in Pavia, probably because of the economic crisis. However something good has been proposed. Very peculiar is the “diplodocus longus” that you can see within the court of the University. It is very impressive and you can see it here in the picture with Silvia (the Diplodocus is the one in the second floor….)

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