August 23, 2011 // Posted in flowers  

L'ibisco giallo, e quello rosso

In questi giorni qui a Pavia fa piuttosto caldo; ma mentre noi umani siamo qui piuttosto boccheggianti e a disagio, gli ibischi di casa sacchibelli sembrano in grande spolvero. Cosi’ ecco uno splendido fiore giallo e (in secondo piano), un altrettanto bello fiore rosso. Con la speranza che, comunque, a breve torni un po’ di fresco.

In these days weather is really bad here in Pavia (and in Italy in general). It is very hot and wet, something usually normal, but this year it was surprisingly a good summer till few days ago. Nevertheless now it seems to live in an oven… However our hibiscus seems to love such a weather, and here you can see a beatifull yellow flower, together with the red one in the background

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