Bea senza rotelle

May 1, 2019 // Posted in bike  

Se Lorenzo si era dimostrato fin da piccolissimo appassionatissimo della bici senza pedali e, giĆ  a quattro anni aveva cominciato a pedalare senza rotelle, per Bea si pensava che la strada sarebbe stata piu’ complicata, visto che si dimostrava un po’ piu’ pigra. E invece, da un giorno con l’altro, quasi senza passare dalla bici con le rotelle, eccola pedalare senza rotelle, allegra e felice, a 4 anni, come suo fratellone.

While Lorenzo always enjoyed to use his small bike without pedals and, while he was 4 years old, he already started to ride his bike withouth wheels, Bea didn’t show a similar passion, and she was a little bit lazy when she was asked to use the bike. Until few days ago, when she decided to start to ride his bike without wheels, exactly at the same age of his brother. Good job Bea!!!!

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