Il compleanno di Jacopo

July 18, 2016 // Posted in celebrations  

Jacopo apre i regali

Questo weekend, proseguendo la fase social, siamo stati invitati alla festa di compleanno di Jacopo, il bellissimo bimbo di Matteo e Vassy, che qualche tempo fa erano venuti a trovarci ( Lorenzo e Beatrice si sono divertiti parecchio, e anche per noi e’ stata una bella occasione per rivedere Matteo e Vassy e per conoscere nuove persone. Grazie!!!

Ecco i due furbetti…

Today we went at Jacopo’s party. Jacopo is the 2 year old baby of Matteo and Vassy, and we met all of them few months ago at our place ( It was funny for Lorenzo and Bea to meet so many babies, and it was nice for us to see again Matteo and Vassy and to meet new persons. Thanks a lot for the party, for the great food, and for the lovely birthday cake.

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