Il Ticino

November 17, 2014 // Posted in Pavia  

ticino_piena_2014Le ultime settimane di pioggia, con danni e disastri in tante parti d’Italia, hanno fatto gonfiare le acque del Ticino come non accadeva da parecchi anni (dal 2000). E stamattina, lento ma inesorabile, il Ticino e’ arrivato a lambire le bellissime case del Borgo basso. Uno spettacolo suggestivo, ma la speranza e’ che, almeno questa volta, i disagi siano limitati.

It was raining a lot in the last period, and there were floods everywhere, mainly in the North of Italy. And this morning, the “Ticino”, our river, slownly grew up to the level of the street in the “Borgo basso”, a suggestive point of the city, very close to the river. Let’s hope that damages and annoyances will be little enough for pepole living there…

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