October 8, 2013 // Posted in Pavia  

La selva di auto parcheggiate ovunque

In questo ultimo periodo capita, purtroppo, di andare al Policlinico San Matteo, il “famoso” ospedale di Pavia. Sulla struttura e su certe eccellenze mediche non abbiamo nulla da dire, anzi. Pero’ a guardare l’anarchia assoluta che vige nei parcheggi, beh, qualche cattivo pensiero viene.

Recently we often have to go to the famous hospital “Policlinico San Matteo” we have here in Pavia. It is quite prestigious, and for sure there are, at least in some department, great doctors. But for sure there is at least one aspect that should be improved: the parking rule. In fact, if you try to walk between the buildings, you will have to survive to the jungle of cars parked almost everywhere…

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