Crab dinner

January 6, 2008 // Posted in food, friends, Travels  

Ecco un altro ricordo nostalgico del nostro bel viaggio in California. La cena di gruppo (risale al 28 dicembre) a Newport Beach con Gianfranco e Anna, Mattia e Guia, e il mitico Raffaele (in primo piano, con espressione imbarazzante).
Cena a base di granchio; posto un po’ strano, ma cibo ottimo. E compagnia eccellente.

Here again some nostalgic pictures about our recent travel to California. On December the 28th we had a dinner at Newport Beach together with Anna and Gianfranco, Mattia and Guia and the famous Raffaele).
The dinner was great, and crab-based. The place was a little bit strange, but to have dinner with friends is always beautifull.

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