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September 28, 2015 // Posted in friends  

Lorenzo, Beatrice, Enrico, Silvia e Daniela

Le visite di Daniela sono sempre gradite. Vive lontano (a Portland) ma, in un modo o nell’altro, riusciamo sempre a vederci, in occasione dei suoi passaggi per l’Italia (vedi qui, qui, qui e qui, ad esempio), e quando viene a trovarci, e’ sempre un giorno di festa. Ieri poi ha portato un sacco di stupendi regali a Lorenzo e Bea, che ha conosciuto per la prima volta). Grazie Dany, e torna presto. Noi promettiamo che, quando i nanetti saranno un po’ piu’ cresciuti, torneremo a Portland 😉

Daniela e Beatrice

It happens, not so rarely, that our friend Daniela, living in Portland, visit us. So, yesterday, we were very happy to see her at our place. She was so kind and cute with Lorenzo (a bit nervous) and Beatrice, bringing a lot of lovely gifts. Among them a book for Lorenzo, “Where the Wild Things Are“, really appreciated (today he continuously asked us to read it). At the end, she joined us for a simple dinner, but enriched with a very tasty piece of “lardo di Arnad”. We already miss her, but we are quite sure that we will soon meet each other, probably here around, or maybe around Portland. Thanks Dany, and let’s hope that we will see you soon again.

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