Autunno a Pavia

October 21, 2007 // Posted in flowers, Pavia, weather  

Oggi, approfittando della bella e fredda giornata, ho girovagato qua e là per Pavia e ho avuto la possibilità di apprezzare un po’ di bei colori autunnali. In realtà invidio moltissimo Enrico che si sta godendo lo splendido clima californiano e quindi, per non deprimermi troppo al pensiero del freddo inverno, mi sto circondando di tanti bei fiorellini che mettono allegria.

Today has been a wonderful sunny and cold day and I’ve decided to go out for a walk in Pavia where I’ve had the possibility to appreciate beautiful autumn colours. To be sincere, I envy Enrico a lot because of the warm temperatures of California so, to cheer me up when I think to the coming winter, I’ve bought some nice flowers.

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  • enrico says:

    Wow, it looks like that in Pavia too weather is wonderful. Probably it is a little bit colder than here (today I went to San Francisco in shorts), but it does not seem a “traditional” foggy fall.

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