Una domenica in campagna

September 26, 2017 // Posted in animals, friends  

Lorenzo, Patty Lady, Isabella and Bea

Domenica pomeriggio, senza Silvia, impegnata a Sartirana, ma coi bimbi, siamo stati a Pieva Albignola, a trovare Paolo (e Lucia), con Matteo e Isabella. Abitano in una bella casa “di campagna”, con una corte molto ampia, ricca di animali, dai cavalli, ai conigli, passando per le galline e il cane. E indubbiamente Lorenzo e Beatrice, assieme alla bravissima e bellissima Isabella, si sono divertiti assai… (le galline, un po’ meno…)

Le galline scappano…

Last Sunday, in the afternoon, we went to Pieve Albignola, to meet Paolo and his family. They live in a lovely place, with a big courtyard, full of interesting animals, starting from the two horses (Jack and Patty Lady) and including also rabbits, chickens and a sweet dog (Viola). Lorenzo and Bea enjoyed a lot the place and the kindness of Isabella, who spent a lot of time playing with them… Chickens probably didn’t like too much the advent of Lorenzo and Bea…

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