Il potere delle noci

February 28, 2010 // Posted in DIY  

Apartment therapy e’ un interessante sito web che propone originali soluzioni di design e arredamento. Silvia ne e’ un’accanita lettrice. Cosi’, pochi giorni fa, e’ incappata in un post piuttosto curioso. Veniva infatti spiegato come per coprire graffi su mobili di legno sia sufficiente strofinare una noce sui graffi stessi. Benche’ un po’ scettici, abbiamo provato a seguire il consiglio per le (orride) porte interne del nostro appartamento. E qui potete ammirare l’impressionante risultato!!!!

Apartment therapy is an interesting web site full of smart insights about furniture, design and almost everything about houses. Their motto is “saving the world, one room at a time” and it perfectly explains the content of the website. Few days ago Silvia found a quite curious post about how to cover up dings in wooden furniture, and considering that the internal doors of our apartment would need some maintanance, she decided to follow the suggestion. So, using only walnuts, here is the the amazing result…

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