La saga dei panettoni

November 25, 2007 // Posted in Travels  

Pensavo fossero una rarita’, invece si trovano praticamente in ogni supermercato.
Ecco l’offerta di Trader’s Joe; considerando il super-euro, conviene forse comprarli qui? Qualcuno in valigia riesco a metterlo, ma dovete pazientare fino al 3 gennaio.

I was thinking that to find “panettoni” in USA was hard. But this is already the third post, in this blog, about the same topic. Almost every supermarket sells them. Here is the offer of Trader’s Joe. It is quite cheap, and considering the super-euro, it could be convenient to buy “panettoni” here. If someone from Italy desires a “panettone”, please ask; I think I will have room in my luggage. But you have to wait till january the 3rd.

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