Weekend rugbistico

October 10, 2021 // Posted in family, free time  

Lory e Bea, stanchi ma felici, una volta rientrati a casa

Weekend dedicato al rugby a casa sacchibelli, con l’esordio, tra i Mil’old, della componente maschile adulta, il sabato, e quello di Lory e Bea la domenica a un raggruppamento al campo Cus la domenica.

Esperienze ugualmente emozionanti e divertenti, vissute in un incredibile clima di festa.

I mil’old 2021/22

This weekend both the adult male components and the kids of sacchibelli familty started their experience with an official rugby tournament. On saturday there was Enrico on stage with the Mil’old, while on Sunday both Lorenzo and Bea had fun with their CUS Pavia rugby team mates.

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