Master of parking /2

December 21, 2009 // Posted in cars  

Pochi mesi fa abbiamo postato qui una foto relativa a un brillante parcheggio che ho fatto in uno spazio di poco superiore alla lunghezza della nostra auto. L’altra sera ho ripetuto l’impresa; certo, stavolta c’era qualche centimetro in piu’ di spazio, ma a complicare l’operazione c’era anche la neve e la strada ghiacciata….
Credo di meritarmi dei complimenti 🙂

Some months ago we posted herean impressive picture about my art in the “car parking”. Few days ago, although I probably had few centimetre more, I repeated something similar, and probably harder too, considering that it was snowing and there was ice everywehere… Look at the picture, please. And call me if you have to park in a small room….

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