A casa di Davide e Marta

July 21, 2009 // Posted in friends  

Qualche giorno fa, assieme ad Alice e a Fernando (il nostro amico che non ama i blog) siamo stati invitati da Davide e Marta a visitare la loro nuova casa, una bella villetta a Cura Carpignano.
La casa ci e’ piaciuta parecchio (bravi Davide e Marta) e l’occasione ci ha permesso di trascorrere una bella serata a chiacchierare un po’ del piu’ e del meno gustandoci un ottimo gelato. Certo, le zanzare non erano state invitate, ma si sono presentate lo stesso.

Few days ago we were invited by Davide and Marta (together with Alice and Fernando, our friend who doesn’t like blogs) to visit their new house, at Cura Carpignano.
It was amazing to see how big and nice their house is. For sure, they still have to work a little bit, but considering that they are living inside since one month, we expect that quite soon it will be almost perfect. To meet each other was funny and we talked a lot; moreover we ate a very good ice cream. The only drawback was the presence of some mosquitos… but you know, summer time around Pavia is mainly famous because of mosquitos….

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