Variazione di spettacolo

January 15, 2009 // Posted in Uncategorized  

A volte si pensa a Cuba come a un paradiso turistico, a volte come a una dittatura crudele. Di certo, da qui, per chi non c’e’ mai stato, e’ dura capire come stiano realmente le cose; di sicuro l’avviso affisso sull’ingresso del teatro Fraschini lascia intuire che non sempre la liberta’ viene prima di tutto.

Sometimes we imagine Cuba as an Earthy paradise, a wonderful place where to spend our vacations. Some other times, we remember that, at the end, it is a place based on dictatorship, and probably not everyone is happy to leave there. Many people try to find their freedom escaping from Cuba. Not clear to understand where it’s the truth. For sure, the message we found at the “Teatro Fraschini” is a little bit unnerving. The message is that the National Ballet of Cuba can’t be in Pavia, as expected, because it has been forced to stay in Cuba to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Revolution…

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