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December 31, 2012 // Posted in food  

Il mitico Saint-Nectaire regalatoci dalla Fede

Tra i tanti omaggi ricevuti in occasione di questo Natale (evidentemente siamo stati bravi…), vorremmo segnalare un formaggio a dir poco strepitoso giunto dalla Francia, grazie alla nostra amica Fede, che vive a Clermont Ferrand. Di formaggi (prevalentemente italiani) ce ne intendiamo, e ne mangiamo in abbondanza. Ma questo “Saint-Nectaire” davvero ci ha sorpreso; eccezionale. Grazie di cuore Fede!!!

We received many gifts from Christmas. They were mainly adressed to little Lorenzo, but something very interesting was for us too. One of the most appreciated, considering that we love a lot the cheese, was a quarter of “Saint-Nectaire” we received from our friend Federica, who lives now in Clermont Ferrand. It was amazingly good. Thanks a lot Fede!!!!

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