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Il marciapiede trasformato in parcheggio

Forse qui in Italia, e a Pavia in particolare, siamo rassegnati ai soprusi di molti automobilisti su pedoni e ciclisti, all’assurda tolleranza delle forze dell’ordine nei confronti di tali soprusi e all’insensibilita’ alle tematiche di mobilita’ sostenibile dei nostri amministratori locali; ma vedere una donna che spinge la carrozzina lungo la strada per via del marciapiede occupato e’ davvero frustrante e deprimente? Riusciremo a cambiare questa situazione?

Here in Italy, and @ Pavia in particular, we (pedestrians and bicycle riders) have to survive and fight against too many cars. The room is not enough for all, and it is sad to note that the arrogance of many car drivers is too much tolerated. So it is common to see some situation similar to the one I taken in the picture: the sidewalk is crowded of car illegally parked, and a pedestrian with a stroller is forced to walk on the street… What a sadness….

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